My wedding planner job

Guest post written by Robin Kinsey

I kind of fell into wedding planning. I worked as a florist for years and gradually expanded my business to include other aspects of weddings by referring my customers to other people in the wedding business that some of my brides had used and found reliable.

One of them, the owner of a bakery, joked at me one day through a phone call that I should just take upwedding planning . So I did.

Part of my system on the actual day is talking with my employees via headsets so that we can fix any problems before they become apparent to the bride and/or guests. At one wedding about a year ago I was having trouble hearing my employees speaking through the sets and told them to speak up but one of them told me that if she spoke up any louder she would disturb the guests filing into the church before the ceremony. I thought that I couldn’t let this problem get in my way so I got a free hearing test and bought someHearing Aids by Miracle Ear that were barely noticeable.

They’ve helped me a lot and I don’t even think that some of my employees have noticed them.

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